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Texan Knives are known for its remarkable products, high-quality service, and value to customers across America!

Master the Blade - Knife Crafting Training Program

Welcome to Texan Knives’ exclusive Knife Crafting Training Program, where the ancient art of knife making and sharpening meets modern craftsmanship. Explore the world of blades with our comprehensive training sessions, designed for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and aspiring artisans.

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Slicing into New Horizons

Welcome to Our New Store in Kingwood, Texas

Texan Knives - 2nd Shop in Kingwood Night
1395 North Park Drive suite B Kingwood,Texas 77339 USA

Unveiling Remarkable Moments
Eric from Houston Finds His Perfect Blade

Even before our official opening, the passion for exceptional craftsmanship brought Eric from Houston to our brand-new store in Kingwood.

This early connection reminds us why we do what we do – to create knives that inspire and elevate, drawing individuals like Eric into a world of precision, skill, and passion. As we prepare to officially open our doors, we’re humbled by Eric’s enthusiasm and look forward to welcoming everyone to experience the craftsmanship that has already left a mark on those who’ve walked through our doors.

Memorial Day Special - Experience our Limited Edition Products, Offered at Their True Value

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Unforgettable Moments with Our Customized Texan Knives: Meet Tim and His Grandson from Spring, Texas

We believe that our knives are not just tools but treasures that create lasting memories. Tim’s joy and the genuine connection he shares with his grandson in this photograph exemplify the significance of our knives in bringing people together.

Texan Knives with customer Tim

why choose us?

Texan Knives is a specialty knife emporium based in Houston, Texas, just outside downtown Houston in a town called Porter. We are a family-owned business that works to create knives made for you. All of our knives come with a lifetime warranty with free sharpening. We also offer wholesale pricing for those interested in reselling our knives. 

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Life Time Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
High Quality
High Quality
Product Handmade
Hand Made
Offer Wholesale

Handle Of Your Own Choice

Our Top Products

Gulf Coast Hunting Knife

Clip Point Folder

Drop Point Executive

Gulf Coast Gut Hook Knife

Cowboy Clip Point

Large Kitchen Knife

Castration Knife

Transform Your Blades and Tools with Our Engraving and Sharpening Services

Texan Knives offer personalized engravings on the blades of customers’ knives. Engravings could be names, initials, special dates, or other custom messages chosen by the customer. Additionally, we offer high-quality engraving using the latest techniques, such as laser engraving, to ensure that the finished product is beautiful and long-lasting.

To include engraving with your online order, type your engraving text on the product page you would like to engrave on your knife.

Sharpening Services For All Types Of Blades

Sharpening service for blades is a process that involves restoring the sharpness and precision of a blade by grinding and honing its edges. This service is essential for maintaining the performance and efficiency of a blade, whether it be a kitchen knife, scissors, or a power tool.

To provide top-quality sharpening services, skilled technicians use specialized equipment such as grinding wheels and honing stones to reshape the blade’s edge carefully.

Regularly using a sharpening service ensures that your blades stay in top condition and maintain longevity. So if you want to keep your blades in top shape, consider investing in a sharpening service today.

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