2 Sided Sharpening Stone set


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  • 2- sided sharpening stone set
  • 6in x 2in x x1in
  • 180 and 600 Grit

Are you tired of having dull knives that don’t maintain their edge? Have you tried spending hours attempting to sharpen them with no success? 2-Sided Sharpening Stone is the perfect solution for all your sharpening needs! This stone has a coarse side for removing burrs and an ultra-fine surface for polishing and honing the blades. It can use by professionals and amateurs alike, so you no longer have to worry about ever dealing with a dull knife again. This stone can also use on other metal items such as scissors, axes, and garden tools. Make sure 2-Sided Sharpening Stone is part of your go-to arsenal of tools so that your items stay sharp and in tip-top condition.


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