Black Brown G-10 Micarta Knife Scale


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  • Black Brown G-10 Micarta Knife Scale
  • 2 Slabs
  • Length 4.5in | Width 1.5in | Thickness 0.37in

The Black Brown G-10 Micarta Knife Scale is an excellent choice for the keenest of outdoorsmen or DIYers. This scale is durable, steadfast and resilient to extreme temperatures, and boasts a sleek look in black and brown contrasted colors. Thanks to its fibreglass-reinforced plastic composite base materials, this scale also offers excellent shock absorption performance, so it can survive whatever you throw at it whether you’re out in the backwoods or sharpening up your tools in your workshop. With such a tough proposition featuring great looks too, you really can tackle any task with this formidable Black Brown G-10 Micarta Knife Scale!


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