Carved Axe


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  • Uniquely handmade knife
  • Carved Axe with Leather Sheath
  • Available in many Damascus steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Choose a handle material of your own choice
  • Blade length- 4.25in| Handle length-20in| Whole length- 20.75in| Blade width- 7in| Handle width- 1.75in| 1lbs 12ounces


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A carved axe is more than just a tool of practical utility; it can be a work of subtle beauty. Carved axe making is a challenging craft that yields impressive visual results. A single well-crafted piece will have intricate designs, vivid colors, and sometimes inspiring symbols beautifully incorporated into the handle and head of the axe. Each artist seeks to imbue their axe with meaning, creating a personalized project that is visually stunning and useful. Whether you make your own or purchase carved axes from an experienced artisan, these fantastic tools will undoubtedly contribute to any woodworking task in the workshop.

Handle Material

Mesquite, Rose Wood

Steel Type

1095, D2, Damascus, File, Rail Road Spike, Stainless


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