Damascus Smaller Tanto Tracker Blank


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  • Damascus Small Gut Hook Blank
  • Uniquely handmade
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Blade Length-3.75in| Handle Length-4.25in| Whole Length-8in| Blade Width-1.75in| Handle Width-1.25in


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The Damascus Smaller Tanto Tracker Blank makes for superior precision, quality, and long-term results. This fantastic tool is made from Damascus steel, allowing it to remain durable and long-lasting over an extended period. Not only that, but its construction allows you to complete intricate detailing with absolute accuracy, making it the perfect choice for any individual or business looking to achieve a high level of excellence with their projects. Whether used by a novice craftsman or an experienced professional, this Tanto Tracker will surely provide an unmatched experience regardless of who holds it in their hands.


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