Dyed Color Bone


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  • Dyed Color Bone
  • 2 Slabs
  • Length 4.5in | Width 1.3in | Thickness 0.25in

Dyed Color Bones are the perfect addition to any kitchen or workshop. Designed to provide an elegant yet sturdy handle for your cutlery, Dyed Bone Knife Scales bring a unique look and luxurious feel to your knives. Crafted from beautify dyed bone sourced from exotic animals that can only be found in select locations around the world, Dyed Color Bone Knife Scales are sure to be the highlight of your knife collection. Available in a variety of colors, Dyed Bone Knives provide both style and substance. Become the envy of all your friends with Dyed Color Bone Knife Scales!


Purple, Light Blue, Pink


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