Epoxy resin combo Knife-1


SKU TX-H-628-2 Category
  • Epoxy resin combo Knife scale
  • 2 Slabs
  • Length 4.7in | Width 1.5in | Thickness 0.37in

If you are looking for the perfect knife scale for your knife collection, then Epoxy Resin Combo Knife-1 is the ideal choice. This amazing knife scale is crafted with a professional combination of Epoxy resins, making it resistant to wear and tear. The handle itself is reinforced with metal rails that ensure extreme sturdiness and reliability without compromising on user safety. Perfectly balanced, Epoxy resin combo Knife-1 gives you excellent control while using your knives and cuts through even tough materials with ease. Whether you need something simple to bring in kitchen tasks or a hardcore knife scale for intense projects, Epoxy resin combo Knife-1 is the perfect match for all your needs.


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