Small Kitchen Knife


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  • Uniquely handmade.
  • Small Kitchen knife with Leather sheath
  • Available in many Damascus steel patterns
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Choose a handle material of your own choice
  • Blade Length- 6.25in| Handle Length- 4.5in| Whole Length- 10.75in| Blade Width- 1.25in| Handle Width- 1in


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The small kitchen knife is one of the essential tools in any kitchen. It makes chopping vegetables and fruits a breeze, and its size allows for precise cuts, which leads to perfect presentations. It’s also perfect for those occasional tasks that require that little extra bit of finesse, like de-seeding a pepper or cutting tomatoes into dainty slices. Small kitchen knives are much lighter and easier on the hands than their large counterparts, making them a must-have to include in any chef’s arsenal. With such versatility, it’s no wonder why so many home cooks rely on small kitchen knives for their cooking routine!

Handle Material

American Flag, Blue Laminate Wood, Blue/Pink Laminate Wood, Bone, Buffalo, Confederate Flag, Green Laminate Wood, Khaki Laminate Wood, Mesquite, Micarta Black, Micarta Blue, Micarta Brown, Micarta Green, Micarta Orange, Micarta Red, Orange Laminate Wood, Pink Laminate Wood, Rose Wood, Sheep / Ram Horn, Stag Horn, Texas Flag

Handle texture

Carved, Smooth

Steel Type

1095, D2, Damascus, File, Rail Road Spike, Stainless


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