Epoxy resin combo Knife scale-5


SKU TX-H-628-2-1 Category
  • Epoxy resin combo Knife scale
  • 2 Slabs
  • Length 4.7in | Width 1.5in | Thickness 0.37in

Epoxy resin combo Knife scale-5 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their knife collection. This quality piece is constructed from a combination of epoxy resin and leathery look composites, guaranteed to provide a supportive base for even the most intricate knife designs. The Epoxy resin combo Knife scale-5 offers durability and charm with its classic black color, making it perfect for any kitchen or work environment. Its superior craftsmanship makes this knife an ideal choice for those looking for excellence in knives without having to sacrifice style. Whether you’re a professional chef, craftsman or amateur cook, Epoxy resin Combo Knife scale-5 has something to offer.


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